Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sixty Isn't So Bad

There's something about having your age begin with a "6" that's kind of scary. But here's what the first four days of being 60 brought me:

A two-day junking trip with my wonderful husband that yielded some new picnic tins for my sewing room:

A message in the sand from my crazy daughter who is living in New Zealand for four months:

A stained glass window from fantastic friends who pay attention when I comment on something I like in an antiques store:

A beautiful cake and dinner with friends at a nice restaurant:

Plus, calls and texts from my son and his girlfriend in California, cards from friends and family, and Facebook wishes from more than 50 people....

And an order for plants to make a cottage garden from other great friends--let's hope I can post a picture of a colorful garden a few months from now.

Not to mention that I'm now in a new running age group...

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