Friday, February 24, 2012

Cosco Kitchen Stool Makeover

One of the best things about finding vintage stuff is learning more about it after you drag it home. Doug and I recently bought a 1950s Cosco kitchen step stool at an estate sale. It was paint speckled, dented, and rusty, but it was my favorite color (red), and it was only $10.
We probably watch too much renovation and DIY TV because I immediately had visions of this well-used old stool looking new again the way it would if Rick Dale of American Renovation worked on it. Doug doesn't have access to facilities for body work, spray painting, and re-chroming, but for about $15, he did an awesome job of fixing it up--including installing new rivets and other hardware, wire brushing the rust off the chrome, and priming and painting the seat, back, and trim.
When it was all done and installed in my sewing room (there's no room for it in our kitchen), I decided to search for images to see what other colors these multifunctional stools came in and how much they cost.

The old ads provided a window into not only the economics of the past but also the culture. I don't think I'll be using my Cosco step stool wearing pearls, heels, and a dress any time soon.

And as much as everyone says Doug looks like Santa, I don't think he would dare buy me something for Christmas that was advertised as a tool to lighten my work. But one thing about the Christmas ad is right:  the Cosco stool does brighten our house.

Watch out, Rick Dale.


  1. I grew up with this same step stool but without the back. Family still has it; red of course!