Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Last Saturday, Doug and I decided to do one of our Goodwill loops.  GW has a number of stores in our area, and the last one is just about a mile from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, so we end the tour with lunch.

Goodwill stores aren't quite as much fun as antique stores and junk shops, but they're much safer on the checkbook. They don't harbor $300 antique cameras or $65 vintage coolers.

And they do offer up that same "you never know what you might find" excitement that treasure hunters feel every time they arrive at a garage sale or enter a thrift store.

Last Saturday's trip didn't yield much, but it was fun, and we did go home with a couple of good things. I found this cute little Pyrex casserole for $2.  It doesn't have a lid, but maybe some day I'll find one on another GW shelf.

I also found two nice vintage glasses. They were marked $1, but when I went to hand the cashier two dollar bills, she took only one of them--turned out it was $1 for the set. Even better.

After lunch, because the GW pickings had been kind of slim, we succumbed to the urge to stop at a junk shop nearby. I spotted what I thought was a vintage picnic basket up on a shelf, but when the cashier got it down for me, it turned out to be a Hawkeye pie basket.  For $20, it was mine, and we were on our way home.

It was a fun day for $23 plus the cost of lunch. And who knows what we might find the next time we do the GW loop?

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  1. Love those glasses! And you have a great eye for picnic baskets!