Saturday, February 4, 2012

Leave the List Home

Rule #1 of shopping at thrift stores, junk shops, and antique malls--do not go looking for a specific item or even a category of item. If you go looking for a blue plaid picnic tin, you will find a rusty green plaid picnic tin with a flower on it.  But you will NOT find a blue plaid one.

However, you might find a syrup container with an aqua top to go with the red and yellow ones you already have.

Or your husband might have a lot of fun examining stuff in the yard behind the antique store where all the architectural salvage is stored.

Or you might even get to "go shopping" when you get home and find out that your husband already has a cool vintage Stanley folding ruler like the one you were admiring in the store.

That's the best kind of treasure of all--free.

Thanks, Doug.

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