Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recycled Tennis Racquet Presses

Does anyone use wooden tennis racquets any more?

Well, probably not for playing tennis...but when I saw an idea for little trays made out of wooden tennis racquet presses in Flea Market Style several months ago, Doug and I started hunting for them on our junking trips.

Here's a picture from the page of the magazine showing the idea:

We struck gold at the Beebe Hospital Thrift Store in Rehoboth and snapped up four presses--complete with racquets--for $11.

Doug had to fight the weather to get these cut, glued, and painted, but he finally finished the project as a belated birthday gift for me:

He used tongue and groove paneling that we found in the shed at our beach cottage (and almost burned before we realized it would be perfect for these).

This is the underside:

And this is what they look like from the edge.  The paint colors were all left over from our cottage chair project:

He covered the screws with little plastic caps so they wouldn't scratch the table (or us):

They'll be just perfect to hold drinks and snacks on our screened porch this summer:

Doug finished them off with a clear coat so they won't get damaged from sweating drinks.

Ah, just one more reason I can't wait for summer....

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