Monday, March 25, 2013

Pax and Jodie

Doug and I got some very exciting news last week--we've been approved to adopt a 2-1/2-year-old yellow Lab from a local rescue group!  Her name is Judy, but we're going to change it to Jodie.

We think she's beautiful, although all we have so far are pictures, as we've never met her:

We'll be picking her up in Wilmington, Del., just about a half hour from where we live, but first she has to get here.

From Taiwan....

Jodie was found running loose in the streets of Taiwan with a metal collar embedded in her neck and a chain hanging down her chest.  A rescue group there takes in dogs like her, gets them medical care--including vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping--and then sends them to the U.S. once the local group here, Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue, matches them with families.

We originally had put our names on a list with a breeder in Baltimore County, Md., where Alex and Ashleigh got their Lab Honey, who is now almost a year old:

We love Honey, but we weren't sure we wanted to go through the whole puppy thing. I also liked the idea of rescuing a young adult dog.  I started looking on Petfinder and almost immediately found Jodie.  I was instantly drawn to her picture, and her story just made me want her even more.

So we were thrilled to find out that we had been approved.  On Saturday, Christine and I went shopping for dog supplies--it's almost like getting ready for a baby....

We bought a collar and leash (color coordinated, of course), food, bowls, toys, biscuits, an ID tag, and a bed.  Oh yeah, and poop bags....

After we put the dog biscuits in a glass jar, I put the box on the floor, and of course Pax had to jump in:

I'm pretty sure he isn't going to be thrilled when his new housemate arrives on April 7th--his perfect little world is about to be turned upside down.  Oddly enough, the rescue representative here in the states took this picture of him when she did our home visit.  He seems to be flirting with her, and she isn't a "cat person."

He and Honey have already had a few sessions under the table as well:

I just hope that Pax and Jodie get to be best friends like this pair that someone posted on Facebook:

And that they include their "cousin" Honey in their little group....


  1. You guys are going to have fun. Pax will get used to her. He does not have a choice :)!

    1. That's the truth--and he is quite curious about Honey, so I think he'll get used to Jodie once she's here -- all the time!