Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bush Whacked

As we were renovating the inside of our Kitts Hummock beach cottage last summer, Doug and I found ourselves saying the same thing over and over:  "How did we think we could salvage that?" We would then pick ourselves up and redo whatever it was that we thought we could save but couldn't. 

History has a way of repeating itself.

This past weekend, we went down thinking we were going to "trim" the bushes.  Luckily Doug brought along not only an assortment of pruners and shears but also a chain saw--because those bushes demanded nothing but total destruction. They completely overpowered the little place, even blocking out the view of the beautiful wetlands and marsh pools beyond our living room windows.

Now, of course, the poor little place is naked in all its mustardy glory:

I know it must be embarrassed, but I'm hoping that the sad outside can draw inspiration from the finished inside, which once looked equally bad.  (Click here if you haven't seen the post where I show before-and-afters of the interior renovation.)

Right now, the vision for the outside is all in my head (and Doug's capable hands), but I hope that by June, I'm posting photos of a proud little cottage, painted grey-blue with white trim and dark red shutters, geraniums planted out front, white wicker furniture on the porch....

And Doug lounging with a cold drink and a bowl of nuts on a little tray.


  1. I can't wait to see it - I'm sure it will be even better than it is in my mind!

  2. Thanks--I sure hope so, but then again, ANYTHING has to be better than what we have now! Stay tuned :-)