Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Biggest Trash to Treasure Project Yet

Well, I think all of the projects Doug and I have done so far are going to look like child's play in comparison to what we just took on, but I'm so excited I can hardly sleep.  We just bought a total fixer-upper in a funny little place called Kitts Hummock.  Just south of Dover Air Force Base, Kitts Hummock is a sleepy rural area on the Delaware Bay.  In looking at websites where I could drool over cottages in our ocean beach towns like Lewes and Rehoboth, I stumbled on an extended single-wide mobile home, one block from the Bay for just under $50,000.

The price includes the property, which backs to some of Delaware's beautiful wetlands.

I won't sugarcoat it--the place needs an amazing amount of work, but because the market is still tough, we got it for just $38,000.  That's less than the price of a new luxury car...and so much more fun.

It comes furnished, but our first step will be to order a dumpster and get rid of 99 percent of the contents:

We will then be buying large quantities of white paint to cover the shiny, dark old wood in the original trailer:

Then we plan to remove the nasty asphalt shingles on the addition, replace them with wood, and paint the entire outside. I think it will be very cute painted a pale coastal blue instead of this mustard yellow:

It even has a cute little shed:

I can hardly sleep for the plans running through my head, and I've already bought enough spray paint for my planned projects that the Home Depot graffiti police are probably ready to arrest me.

This is like hitting the triple crown--we have a whole slate of new projects, we'll end up with a new getaway, and we now have a new home for the junk we find in our weekend travels.


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