Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Bird in the Bath

When my friend Jennie and I went to the antique barn last week, she bought not only an awesome potting bench (couched as an early Father's Day gift for her British husband, Martin, an avid gardener), but also a rusty milk can and a chipped lid from a crock to make a bird bath.

I got bird bath envy and decided to "shop at home" to make one of my own.

I found this great industrial stool in the garage, complete with rust and cobwebs:

The basement yielded this beautiful shallow bowl that I found at Goodwill several years ago for $7:

When I assembled the bird bath, I discovered that the bowl settled perfectly into the indented rim on top of the stool, which tells me that they were meant to be together:

Now, maybe the birds will stop using our water feature as a bathtub.

And maybe Doug can use this stool--which was just hanging out in the shed, doing nothing--as a workshop stool in the garage, since I pretty much stole his:

He probably will be OK with it, since he's very good-natured about my projects, but there's nothing like having to read your wife's blog to find out where your workshop stool went.

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