Monday, June 17, 2013

Porch Re-Do Take 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about our beach shack porch being finished.

Well, it was, kind of--the new floor was in, the walls were covered with T-111 plywood, and bead board was installed on the ceiling.  We had some chairs, a dresser, and a table for two.

But the furniture wasn't the "lay-back-and-take-a-nap" kind of stuff that a screened porch cries out for, and the walls were still pretty bare.

Since that post, we were very fortunate to acquire two pieces of high-quality, albeit aging, wicker furniture--a sofa and a love seat.

When I took the cushions off so that I could unzip the covers for washing, we discovered that the webbing holding them up was dry rotted.  So we gave the two pieces a makeover.

I washed the covers, we installed new webbing, and I repadded the cushions using spray adhesive and a huge roll of dacron. My blonde assistant was here helping, but she was just out of range of the camera:

I wasn't thrilled with the covers that were on the sofa and love seat--they looked more tailored than beachy--but they were in good condition, and we didn't have the money to get 10 new covers made.

So I splurged on these grain sack pillows at Pottery Barn, which do a great job of integrating the covers with the rest of the porch:

We also added the striped rug from, which Jodie thinks is much more comfortable than bare boards.

Doug painted the window in the corner and rigged up a chain so it would stay open and give us great cross-breezes through the bedroom:

I found the clock online at colors of the reclaimed wood were just perfect for the porch:

The chalkboard was a found item after the UD students moved out:

I found the float on our beach one day a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately, it got my hopes up, so now every time take Jodie out to the beach to play ball, I scan the shore, thinking I'm going to find another one:

We scavenged this little wire table from my former in-laws' house.  Painted pink and outfitted with two of Doug's tennis press trays, it's a handy little end table:

And on our way to the beach this weekend, we spotted this little mission table at a yard sale for $4.  With two coats of sea-salt paint, it was ready for service at the other end of the sofa by Saturday evening:

With a throw over the back, the love seat is ready for cool nights:

The table I scavenged from last year's UDon't Need It sale is in a perfect spot for us to look out on the wetlands while we eat:

Jodie seems to be in every picture--I guess that's because she's seldom more than two feet away from either of us....

Doug still needs to do some wiring so that we can install lighting, but with daylight lasting until 9:00 this time of year--and lots of candles--who needs electric lights? For now....

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