Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good-bye Yellow Beach Shack

Mustard yellow on a nice Cape Cod or colonial house with white trim and black shutters is OK.

Mustard yellow on a 1950s trailer is not, especially when the color covers almost EVERYTHING--window trim, steps, landings....

Actually, that's not true--the previous owners finished off the living room addition with roofing-type shingles, which added a nice contrast to the mustard:

Last weekend, we finally covered most of the mustard.

First, we power washed and scraped.  And scraped some more:

Then we primed:

The last photo is a preview of coming attractions because it includes all three of the colors we plan to use:  aqua, coral pink, and bright white.

As of tomorrow afternoon, I have nine days off, and we hope that by July 7th--three weeks before our one-year anniversary of purchasing the place--we'll have a cute beachy-looking cottage, complete with T-111 plywood to replace the shingles and new Sunbrella awnings on the trailer windows.

Well, the awnings might take a little longer, since they have to be special ordered, but maybe they'll be an anniversary gift, marking the day when the little cottage completes its journey from "Trash to Treasure."

Hmmm, we might have to get a sign made too.

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