Monday, May 6, 2013

The Makeup is on the Pig

Saturday was a near-perfect day for me.  With the porch floor, door, screening, and ceiling in place, it was time to get rid of the yucky mustard and jazz up the porch with aqua and coral.  Doug had a photo shoot, so I went down to the beach cottage by myself.  The back of our SUV was loaded with a vintage kitchen table, two wicker chairs, cushions, and a small wire table.

There is still a little bit of work to be done--the white on the T-111 is still just primer and so is some of the trim around the ceiling. But I we finally have a clean, cheerful porch where we can spend bug-free time relaxing while we finish rehabbing the outside of the cottage.

We found these two white chairs on our street in Newark right after our offer to buy the beach cottage was approved.  The caning on one of the seats is kind of giving way, but they'll work as temporary seating until we get the wicker loveseat that we're using to stage my former in-laws' house.  The door used to be a dreary dark brown, but now it's a happy pink:

The dresser in the photo below was $15 at a tag sale. Doug installed the feet, and I painted it and added the glass knobs.  The grey table was free at last year's "UDon't Need It" sale at the University of Delaware--it was my payment for volunteering for five hours (which, for me, is too much fun to be considered work). I'm guessing some college kid got it from his or her grandmother and then didn't want it any more. It even has two cute little pullout leaves.  But it looked kind of drab with all of the bright colors around it, so I dry brushed some of the aqua onto the wood "skirt."

These two brown chairs were just sitting out in our back yard collecting cobwebs.  They're plastic "wicker," but they're in good shape and pretty comfortable.  I already had the cushions, and I bought the rug at Goodwill for $4.  I rescued the little table from my former in-laws' house and spray painted it pink:  

Another view of the table--I placed it along the wall to save space and enable us to see out into the wetlands while we eat.  The wood on the floor is extra trim that will get used somewhere:

I can't wait to spend our first evening down there with candles lit, listening to the marsh birds squawking.

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