Monday, May 13, 2013

A Colorful Mother's Day

Most people spend Mother's Day weekend having brunch or dinner out.  We spent ours getting tie dyed.

On Saturday, Doug and I joined Christine, Alex, Ashleigh and a bunch of their friends and other family members in Baltimore for the Color Run.  I guess ordinary 5Ks have gotten too, well, ordinary, so now there are gimmicks like running in tutus or high heels or costumes.  Or running through 5 tons of colored cornstarch.  Yeah, the 25,000 people who participate in a Color Run get bombarded with a total of 10,000 pounds of color at 5 or 6 stations, each dedicated to a specific color.

So here is what we looked like at the start, nice and clean:

Our big group got split up pretty quickly, but Christine and I managed to stay together through the whole 5K.  Here we are running:

And here we are at the finish:

Alex found us after a few minutes, and he was even more brightly colored than we were:

We finally made it back to Alex and Ashleigh's house for a taco feast.  Here's Ashleigh caught by surprise at the stove, although she gave Alex full credit for all of the cooking:

Everyone managed to find a seat, grab some great food, and avoid the rain:

Even the dogs had fun:

Alex took us down to the waterfront on our way out to show us how close they are to the harbor, and Doug managed to get one picture of us before the skies opened up:

The next day was a pretty quiet Mother's Day, but who could top the Color Run and a great post-run party?

Christine did take me to Home Depot to buy flowers for the deck and yard.  Here's my trunk full of the annuals she bought me:

And here I am hauling them to the back yard in my garden cart:

She even kept me company while I planted them.  Happy Mother's Day!

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