Monday, April 29, 2013

Sneak Peak of Cottage Exterior

Looking at all of the mustard color paint on the outside of our beach cottage has been really depressing.  EVERYTHING was mustard--the trailer itself, the outside of the porch, the window trim, the steps and landings outside both doors.  Yuck.

So it was pretty exciting this weekend to get just a preview of coming attractions:

We stocked up on paint at a recent Sherwin Williams 40% sale.  The colors we chose are Mariner for the exterior walls, Youthful Coral for the doors, shutters, and awnings, and Extra White for the trim and stairs.  One of my friends said it reminds her of a Key West cottage....

On Saturday, we primed the outside of the porch and then painted just enough of the aqua around the "windows" so Doug could re-screen and add trim.  We also bought a vintage screen door at a salvage yard, and we painted, re-screened, and hung it this weekend.  Now we actually have a door that closes and has no gaps around it.  Imagine that.

It may be a few weeks before we get the outside of the porch finished because we want the inside done as soon as possible so we can get furniture in and actually begin to use the space.  Doug has already installed the new floor, and this weekend, he nailed up T-111 panels to cover the old studs.  Painted white, they look amazing.  This picture of the new floor shows just a little of the old "walls," which were nothing more than the back of the outside wall and the studs:

 And here's what it looks like with the new panels primed:

Now the porch is completely screened, including under the floor boards, and we have a door that latches tight from inside, so it should be bug proof and relatively secure.

This weekend, we plan to install bead board on the ceiling, paint the paneling white, and paint the trailer part of the porch interior aqua.  

Then it will be ready for furniture!  

Can't wait.....


  1. I've never thought of using T-111 for flooring. That's just genius!

  2. Rita

    We actually used deck boards for the flooring--the T-111 was for the half walls. But it is an interesting idea!