Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Dresser of a Different Color

A few weeks ago, I posted about a funny little dresser/cabinet that we bought at a yard sale.  Doug added some bun feet to it that we had removed from a blanket chest when we needed to lower the chest to use it as a coffee table:

We bought it not knowing exactly what we wanted to do with it, but we liked its character, it was solid wood, and it was only $15.

Its first home was our extra bedroom, where it seemed like the perfect place to store extra fabric for my sewing projects (the sewing machine is also in this room).

But then we ordered a bed for Jodie, our rescue Lab.  The bed is large, and our house is small, so the dresser had to go.

No worries--I had another idea for it.  I realized it would be perfect as a buffet server and storage piece on the porch at our beach cottage.

But not looking like this.

Now before anyone gets too excited about my desecration of real wood furniture, I have a disclaimer here:  Although this piece is old and is solid wood, the finish is faux.  Someone used one of those antiquing kits on it, and its surface was actually covered with brown paint and some kind of glaze.

So I had no pangs of guilt in making it look like this:

Everything about our beach house is a little funky.  We have four different colored chairs in the dining room:

And Doug made these great little serving trays for the porch out of tennis racquet presses:

So in keeping with the funky pastel theme, I painted the body of the dresser with semi-gloss Sherwin Williams "Sea Salt," which I used on all of the built-ins in the trailer.  I then rooted through my collection of spray paints and came up with purple for one drawer, yellow for the other, and pink for the two little doors.  I already had two blue glass knobs and one pink one, so I ordered another pink one and two in Depression green, and now she's all dressed up and ready to go on the porch.

Once the porch is torn down and rebuilt, that is.

The fun begins this weekend....

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