Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kitchen Tree

Last week, Christine came over with an early Christmas present for me. She was as excited to give it to me as I was to open it.

Although she sometimes asks for gift suggestions, this one was a complete surprise: a set of 12 Fiesta ornaments.

I have a lot of Fiesta in the kitchen--mixed with other brightly colored dishes from Pottery Barn and Kohls. They're a perfect choice for our kitchen, which has glass-fronted top cabinets from an old butler's pantry.

I also have a few vintage pieces in another cabinet:

So her guess that I would love the ornaments was right on.  We immediately strung them on some red cord I had left over from last Christmas and hung them on the little tree I keep on the kitchen table. I dropped one as I was unwrapping it from one of those awful clamshell packs, but it survived the crash to the floor, so I still have my even dozen:

 This morning I baked some gingerbread people to add to the tree:

With grilling Santa standing guard, it's the perfect addition to our 1930s kitchen.

Thanks, Christine, you are a great gift chooser!

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