Monday, September 3, 2012

Of Kohls and Kittens

The day Doug and I got back from vacation, Christine and I went to Kohls to buy some extra bed pillows for our house here and for the beach cottage.

In the same shopping center, there is a Petco that just happens to have a satellite adoption center for the Faithful Friends Animal Shelter. 

After we stuffed our five huge bags of pillows into my Honda, we decided to go to Petco "just to look."

Are you kidding me? There is no such thing as "just looking" when it comes to two die-hard cat lovers and four adorable kittens behind a plexi-glass window.

A shelter volunteer just happened to show up as we were looking and told us that two of the kittens had been adopted, but two--both male dark orange tabbies--were available.  Christine picked one of them up, and he immediately relaxed into her arms, while the other one tore around the little room behind the glass kitty condo.

We knew we had our kitten.

He's four months old and has already been neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped. He even came with a name.  Well sort of. The five kittens in the litter had all been given "P" names, which were listed on the display case. We weren't sure which kitten he was, but one of them was named Paxton, which we both really liked.

So Pax came home with us and settled in really well. He loves to stretch out and sleep on the couch:

and play in boxes:

He has carefully checked out the bathtub:

And he definitely likes Facebook:

As for Doug, he doesn't believe for a minute that Christine and I went to buy pillows. He's positive that was a ruse for getting a kitten.

But the man who allegedly "hates cats" has willingly shared his ottoman with a little guy who's exhausted after a round of playing with toy mice:

We all still think of Casey alot, but Pax has filled a hole and an empty spot on the couch for all of us. And like all babies, he's endlessly entertaining and cute enough that he can get away with just about anything.

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