Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picture This

Doug has 47 cameras.  And that doesn't count the ones he actually takes pictures with.

This 8x10 view camera from the1870s is his favorite. He repurposed a surveyor's tripod to display it in our living room:

And we have lots of smaller ones on assorted shelves on one side of the living room:

And more on the other side:

And even more in odd corners of the house.

I keep telling him that he can't buy any more because we're out of space to display them, but he can't help himself. He just figures there's always room for one more.

A couple of weeks ago, when he was reorganizing the garage, I noticed an old door stuck back in a dark corner next to our extra fridge.

I had an idea, which of course meant a project.

Some of his cameras have neck straps, and I thought they would look great hanging on the old door.

I dragged the door out and vacuumed off all the chipped paint and dust.  Then I went online to look for some hooks. I found the perfect ones at, of course, Renovators Supply (how can a free door turn into a $100 project so quickly?).

The hardware came yesterday, so today we measured everything out and installed the hooks. And it wouldn't be a project without a last-minute trip to Home Depot--we realized at the last minute that we were out of large-link chain to hang the door.

Even worse, this was not a straightforward installation job--the only wall space big enough to hang it was over an open stairway. When we renovated our attic a couple of years ago, Doug built himself a little platform to go across the opening for when he needs to work up there, but I get new grey hairs every time he stands on that little 2-foot scaffolding.

As always, though, I think it was worth all the effort:

But Doug, we really are just about out of space for more cameras.

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