Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

I've never been much a TV watcher, but when the temperatures are in the single digits, it's dark at 5:30 p.m., and the streets in our neighborhood are a sheet of ice, it's all too tempting to just spend the evening in front of the fireplace with a warm Labrador retriever in my lap watching mindless TV shows on HGTV and DIY:

Sometimes we do more napping than TV watching:

Although my all-time favorite show is Addicted to Rehab--I love Nicole Curtis and her determination to rescue old houses and use every last board, window, and cabinet she can find on the property--I have to admit that I have a new cold-weather addiction:  Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

Each half-hour episode takes me away from the ice- and snow-encrusted northeast to a sunny beach with beautiful water views and endless expanses of sand.


My apologies to those of you who love snowboarding and skiing, snow-covered mountains and evergreens draped in white.  There is no beauty in any of that for me.

So until I can get back to this--my own "beachfront bargain"....

I'll keep watching other people get excited about finding their own little piece of paradise at the beach.

How many days until spring and my buddy and I can get back to our favorite place?


  1. I cannot tell you how often I come to your blog and go through your cottage pictures. I know it took a lot of work to get it to where it is, but I've been dreaming of a similar place for years. Your place makes me smile, as I suspect it does you, too.

  2. It totally makes me smile, and I love hearing that from other people. It was a lot of work, but in the end it was all worth it. I still find it hard to believe that we have a place like that, and it actually belongs to us--with no mortgage! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I feel like I need a "fix" of cottage pictures right now myself!

  3. I have seed catalogues at home that I've been poring over. I understand completely!

  4. I love the last picture the most! Such joy on that dog's face. We're addicted to Addicted to Rehab, too. And spring's coming. All our bulbs are coming up already!

  5. She is so happy at the beach! Last night I mentioned the word "beach" in talking with my husband, and she started jumping around and looking at me like "when are we going? Now?" I wish.... But yes, spring is coming, I keep telling myself....

  6. Just realized that the computer was signed into my daughter's account when I left my comment! (Grace Ramstad is actually me, Rita.)

  7. Haha, Rita, I did figure that out! I think winter is making us all lose our minds this year :-)