Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OBX #9

Last week, we took time away from our two little cottages to spend time with friends in a very big cottage.

This is our ninth year of going to the Outer Banks in the fall with our friends Martin and Jenn, but it's the first time we've stayed on the Sound side instead of the ocean side.  Currituck Sound was literally in our back yard.

We had an amazing time with M&J, Jenn's son Steve and his wife Lauren, their friends Frank and Gina, and Martin's friends Anita and Patrick from England.

It was a lazy week spent in the hot tub:

in the kitchen:

and in the family room and on the deck, where the view was just amazing:

We made jack o'lanterns:

Doug and I did a little thrift store shopping for accessories for ours:

We had a great week, and my awesome daughter took good care of our pets, including taking Paxton to the vet with a urinary tract issue (and cleaning up after him).

But by Saturday, I was ready to come home to these guys:

And to sleep in our own cozy bed:

As the leash we brought home for Jodie says, "Life is Good."

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