Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The 1952 Ventoura: A Model of Glamour and Quality

When we bought our beach cottage, we got both a deed for the land and a title for the mobile home.  The title listed the trailer as a 1952 Ventura, and I had hoped to find ads or pictures of other mobile homes of that vintage when I googled it.

But I got no hits.  I was disappointed but too busy cleaning up the place to dwell on my failed search.

Fast forward almost a year.

I work in PR at the University of Delaware, and we have a serious push on to use more social media in our outreach and publicity efforts.  We're already doing Facebook but would like to expand to Twitter and Pinterest.

So.... in the interest of learning more about Pinterest, I signed on and then did a search for vintage mobile homes to see how it works.  One of the photos I found was for a Ventoura 500, which isn't our model but was my wake-up call as to why my earlier Google search had failed--the name was spelled wrong on our title.....

So I googled it again and turned up the Atlas Mobile Home Museum, which featured our exact model in this ad:

We didn't know we were buying "glamour and quality in a 27-ft trailer."

However, true luxury came with the Ventoura Loft-Liner, which featured two levels, could sleep eight, and offered the storage space of 28 wardrobes.

Now that our 1952 gem is all cleaned up, it's kind if fun to know how it got its start in life 61 years ago.

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