Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bun Foot Transplant

If Doug had a barn, he would fill it with what other people call junk and he calls "stock." Stock is anything that has a remote chance of being used for a future project.

Well, Doug doesn't have a barn and we have a pretty small house, but we still manage to save stuff like small pieces of scrap wood, cabinet pulls, knobs, hinges, tiles, trim, etc.

This weekend, one of our more unusual saves turned out to be pretty useful.

On Saturday, we went to an estate sale in our neighborhood, hoping mostly to find "smalls" like picnic tins, signs, hand tools, and cameras, but most of what was left was furniture.  We did find a small wood cabinet that was only $15, so we bought it thinking it might work on the porch of the beach cottage as a bar or sideboard for serving food at a barbecue.

When we got home, I realized that it would be perfect in our guest bedroom now that I've banished the exercise bike to the basement.

I wanted something low that wouldn't obscure my gallery of Alex and Christine's sports photos (this isn't really a before picture, as the cabinet is already in place below the pictures):

The one odd thing about the little piece of furniture was that it was almost too low and it sat kind of flat on the floor (sorry, there is no before picture--some people just never learn).  

Then I remembered that when we bought a blanket chest to use as a coffee table in our living room last year, we had to remove the feet because the chest sat too high.  When we cut them off, Doug said, "Save these--we may want to put them back on someday."  Anyway, here is the blanket chest with its feet amputated:

It's a small miracle, but I actually remembered where those feet were, and Doug agreed that they would work perfectly on the little cabinet we had just bought.  Here's a closeup of it with the feet screwed in--you would never know that it came without them:

And here's how it looks in place. Pax thought the photo shoot was all about him:

He really adds to the decor:

I just hope we never decide that those feet should go back on the blanket chest.

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