Friday, January 18, 2013

Denim Scrap Quilt

Old jeans make great quilts, although cutting them up is kind of painstaking work, and you need a good sharp cutting wheel to get the job done. I've made a few already for family members, clients, and friends. Here's one that I made for a wedding gift for one of Christine's friends:

This Christmas, I decided to make one for Alex's girlfriend, Ashleigh, who is already a much-loved member of our extended family.  I still had some of the plaid flannel left over from the other quilt, so I decided to use that for sashing--borders that I sometimes put between the denim blocks:

For the backing, I searched through my supplies and found three brand-new blue-and-white-checked Pottery Barn Kids crib sheets that Doug had picked up for me at Goodwill for $3 each several months ago.  They were small, but I figured out that one would work for the back if I ripped out all of the generous hems and pressed it flat.  I cut up the other two for the vertical and horizontal outside borders.

I think Ashleigh might have suspected she was getting a quilt when she picked up the squishy package on Christmas afternoon....

She obviously liked it because she sat with it around her shoulders while we opened the rest of our gifts:

And Honey, her sweet Lab puppy, found it comfortable when she had an ear infection last week:

This picture has nothing to do with the quilt, but I couldn't resist including it.  Today, Ash and Honey are both dressed in their purple finery to get ready for football this weekend.  Purple Pandemonium--go Ravens!

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