Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Closing the Wound

We haven't taken official "after" pictures of our cottage kitchen because there's still one element missing--a cabinet to go into this space where the pipes are exposed and bare wood from the old kitchen is still showing. (Doug objected to my calling it a raw wound in the wall, but I guess have a tendency to be dramatic, especially when I want something.)

At least my comment initiated a discussion about the design of the cabinet.  We've been back and forth on drawers vs. shelves and open shelving vs. a cabinet with doors.  So we made some decisions for the base cabinet (which will cover up the wound), and Doug went to Home Depot yesterday to get a piece of plywood.  The funny thing about this very ordinary piece of plywood is that it's labeled with a nickname that my kids gave me several years ago. I may be the only person in Delaware who has a cabinet made with personalized plywood.

Then we "went shopping" in our garage and basement.  We came up with a pre-made door that Doug had left over from another project when the doors he ordered were made wrong and the company sent him a second set at no cost:

A pair of hinges for the door:

A set of ceramic knobs, which fit with the vintage look of the canisters and other accessories we have:

And a piece of old beadboard that will make a perfect drawer front:

So now the suspense begins.  There is no after picture yet, but I know that when Doug is done, it will be amazing.

After we install the base cabinet, we can figure out what to do with the space above it.  I'm thinking open shelving, but the most important thing will be that the open wound will be covered up.

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