Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diane's Lavish Linens

Maybe it was the name of the store--Diane's Lavish Linens.

Or maybe it was that feeling you get when you're on vacation that it's OK to splurge on things you would NEVER buy at home. For a lot of people, the treats are food, drink, and excursions.  For me, it's usually something that I want for the house.

Everyone who knows me--or reads this blog--knows that a lot of what's in our "real" house and almost everything that's in our beach shack came from a thrift store, a yard sale, someone's basement, or the side of the road.

But there are no junk shops within walking distance of the house where we stayed at the Outer Banks. So one day last week, I went with my friend Jennie to check out some of the shops in Scarborough Faire, which is right in Duck:

We wandered in and out of a few stores without buying anything until we came to Diane's Lavish Linens. It was a feast for the senses--beautiful shower curtains, candles, placemats, tablecloths, valances, and bath products.

Of course I didn't take a picture inside the shop because who knew I'd be blogging about it a week later?  I found this image on a website, but I can't imagine that the Diane in the shop is any more impressed with it than I am. Why would anyone take a picture of a luxurious store with cardboard boxes piled up outside?

I guess it doesn't matter because the lack of curb appeal didn't keep me and Jenn out, and it sure wasn't an accurate indicator of what was inside.

I fell in love with some beautiful soft towels in pale blue that had a waffle weave on the back, and Jennie chose the same ones in ivory. After I saw hers, I completely stifled my inner thrifter and asked for a pair of those too.  After all, we don't have a washer and dryer at the beach, so I have to have a backup set when the first pair gets dirty. This picture doesn't do justice to the pretty coastal blue color, but you get the idea:

Somehow, though, I still managed to marry thrift and luxury in that store. While browsing the edges of the shop, I saw a funky towel hook in the shape of a fish. It had some chipped paint on the edge and no price tag. I asked "Diane" about it, and she said I could have it for $2.  Sold. 

She had to go into the back room to get a similar one so that she would have a bar code to scan.  It popped up at $16.

"Wow, I guess I gave you a really good deal," she said.

Um, yeah, you did. 

I also bought a soy candle in a small mason jar.  It smells great and is part of a line of candles made by an OBX artisan:

 After all, I had to do my part in supporting the local economy.

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