Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eastern Shore Vacation

Doug and I spent last week in a delightful carriage-house rental on the Eastern Shore of Maryland near Cambridge.

We love the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge down there, and we drove through at least once a day. I also rode my bike through twice and saw this beautiful sunrise:

On our last day there, we went in the evening and watched the sun set from an observation tower:

We met Alex and Ashleigh and their beautiful lab, Honey, for a picnic in Long Wharf Park in Cambridge.  This is them in the car on the way to meet us:

We went out to lunch, ate ice cream almost every day, biked every morning, and relaxed on our deck overlooking the water.

We also of course did a lot of our favorite thing--junking!

We went to five thrift stores, a Goodwill super store (which turned out to be not so super), two antique stores, a junk shop, a gallery that featured local arts and crafts, and a funky shop called Yesterday and Today that had a great mix of new and vintage stuff.

This junk shop near the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry is filled with, well, junk, including a Santa to greet customers:

 I'll share some of our purchases in future blog entries, but for now this is me going into St. Marks Thrift in Easton:

And here's Doug coming out loaded down with our purchases, including a wonderful $2 crate that held everything else we bought:

In all, we spent about $250 and came away with enough fabric, bistro glasses, mugs, stained glass, vintage canisters, Pyrex, and other kitchen items, baskets, small tools, flatware, tins, board games, books, picture frames, and Tupperware to fill our beach cottage--not to mention our Honda Civic.

Now it's time to get back to work if we want a nice place to put all of it.

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