Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pottery Barn Reprise

After I posted my bench project, where I used an off-white custom paint mix and stain to bring a pine bench from the 70s to cottage style, I got the ultimate compliment from a Facebook friend--she said it looked like it came from Pottery Barn.

I took a look at their latest catalogue when it came a couple of days ago, and I noticed that they do sell furniture with a finish called "edge-rubbed white." Bingo.

That inspired me to attack a couple of old side tables that we were using in our bedroom.  They're solid oak (even the drawers), but they weren't really our style.

So this morning, I had Doug sand them for me. He also had to saw off the knobs--they were glued in--but he was able to leave the plugs in place so that we had something to drill into when it was time to install new knobs.

Then I got out my custom mix, stain in a tube, and leftover floor urethane and got to work again. It was warm and dry here today, so within two hours, I had a finished product--well, actually two, one for each side of the bed:

We used the knobs that we found in the drawer of the medical cabinet that we rehabbed a few weeks ago.  There were only two large ones and a bunch of small ones, so we used a small one on each of the top drawers and a larger one on the bottom.

I love the way the carved design really pops now:

And I think the tables look just right with our bedding:

This project was truly free.

I do love Pottery Barn.  But I love free even more.

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